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Important Information and Updates

Blooms Taxonomy---Level of Questioning

We had an in-service on questioning and many teams have made an effort to increase the level of questioning within the classroom. When we think of Blooms Taxonomy, we think of it as something in the past. We think of something that we discussed during our college courses. It is very important now! As you plan your lessons, please be conscious of the activities that you are asking students to complete. As the week progresses, do the activities increase in the level of rigor? As we plan and discuss daily tasks in planning, I will be asking you to reflect on, "Which level of Blooms Taxonomy does the particular lesson fall under?" This is a way to get you to reflect on the rigor of your instructional sequence as well as see patterns in the activities that you are requiring your students to complete. We will talk more about this during planning.
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Reading 3-D Update---Extension

There has been an extension on Reading 3-D. The final extension is Friday, February 5, 2016. This extension is for grades 4-5 as well. Please let me know if you feel that you are unable to meet the deadline so that we can make a plan of action.

March Math-Ness

It is about that time!!!!! The students will participate in March Math-Ness this year again. Each grade level will have their own set of questions and there will be 3 winners from each grade level. There will be a grand prize for 1 winner per each grade level. Be on the look out for more information and please encourage your students to participate.
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Read Across America

It is about that time again!!!!!! The students will participate in Read Across America week again this year. There will be a door decorating contest again this year. K-3 will focus on their favorite book and 4-5 will participate in a college and career readiness project as well as decorate their door with college and career decor. Student work is an expectation for the door decorating contest so start to think about what you want your door to look like and carve time into your day for students to complete work that will be displayed on the door. Don't wait to the last minute! Detailed information about Read Across America week is forthcoming.
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Math Investigations Training

The district is going to offer Investigations training for a few teachers from each grade level. Offerings will be open today, Jan. 29th. The session will take place February 19th. They did not send the codes, so if you are interested, go to MyTalent and search for it. If you get in, let me know so that I can work on substitute funding for you.
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Close Reading

How is it going?

Please bring close reading student work with you to planning next week. We will discuss what we see, what is going well and what needs to be tweaked!

Kudos to you for jumping in with close reading! I have seen great close reading lessons throughout the building. Students are able to articulate what they are doing and why! Way to go!

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Science Wiki

Please join the Science Wiki! Especially 5th grade if you have not done so already! There are very good resources on the site.
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