Where is Middle Earth?



Europe has many different landscapes from forests to mountains to tundra. There are also many different languages like Spanish, French, Italian, etc. The culture of Europe mainly stems from art. They eat a variety of different foods


Europe has many different landscapes. It has forests, plains, mountains, lakes, and hills. Just like where Bilbo lived, there are hilly regions where hobbits could have lived. There are also many mountain ranges which could have been the misty mountains back then. There are also many forests like the one that they went through to get to the mountains



Europe has such a varied landscape. Very few other regions have such a varied landscape and cultures that are similar to Middle Earth. From the varied languages to the landscape, Europe is the most like how Middle Earth was.


Europe was most likely Middle Earth years ago. It has many of the landscapes and geographical features that Middle Earth had. It has many different languages and cultures as you move from country to country. This just like the different places Bilbo went, they met different people. I think that Europe is the most like Middle Earth