soil sampling

by Wes M and Colby C

what is soil testing?

soil testing is a special chemical analysis that provides a guide for lime and fertilizer needs of soil.

Why should a homeowner perform soil testing?

To see what nutrients are in the soil and what they should add to the soil to improve ph levels.

What info does a soil test give you?

It describes the fertility status of your soil and info that will help improve the mineral nutrition of your plants

How do I perform a soil test?

clean your tools, take a sample from each area, keep track of where you took the samples from, mail to a testing facility

what do I do with unusual spots in my yard?

avoid them unless you want results from them

Where do I send a test?

Agronomic Division Soil Test Lab in Raleigh

How much does a test cost?

A test costs around $10

how long does it take to get test results back?

7-10 business days