Dream Speech

Taeshaun Patterson

I have a dream

I have a dream to be multi-millionaire doing what i love most Boxing. I'm working hard to make sure it becomes reality. I want to be able to be set for life and enjoy my life and spread it with less fortunate families. And help my family with whatever they need. So, far I've been praticicing 4 days a week and spare twice a week. I pratice harder so the fight is easier. I have a dream to become a celeberity where everybody knows me just like muhammad ali and mike tyson.

Student Choice Short Essay

What does it take to be a survivor ? II think it takes sombody with confidence and guts. You have to be connected with nature. You also have to know your your surroundings. And must know how to hunt for your food. You have to be strong willed. And must know how to build your own shelter. When i went to my first camping trp it was fun, but the mosqeitos kept eating me up. I had fun i ate deer that they had caught a couple days ago. But overall it was fun. I think it takes alot of skills to even be close to a survivor.

Semester Reflection

Dear, Taeshaun

I believed that i applied myself better than last year. And i will keep doing what i need to do and try not to wait to the last minute. And I been finishing assignments to the best of my ability. I think right now im on the right track just got to stay strong. My favorite assignment was the "The Most Dangerous Game". Cause I think it had a good plot and everthing was just so exillerating you never what was going to happen. My least favorite assighnment was the odyssey chart because there was too much you have to read 24 books and it was sooo boring. But i cant complain this was a good semester.

Sincerly, Taeshaun Patterson