Chapter 10

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The are of a circle is A=3.14r^2

the area of a circle is the product of 3.14 and the square of the radius.

Section 3

A solid is a three-dimensional figure that encloses a part of a square. A polyhedron is a solid that enclosed by polygons. A polyheron only has flat surfaces

Section 4

A net is a two dimensional patten that forms shape when folded
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What shape would this form?

hexagonal pyramid.

Section 5

The slant height of a pyramids the height of one edge to the top of the pyramid
The surface area of a pyramid is S=B+1/2PL

B=the area of the base

L=this is the slant height.

Surface area of a cone is S=3.14^2=3.14rL
How To Find The Total Surface Area Of A Cone: THE EASY WAY!

Section 6


The volume of a prism is the product of the area of the base B and the h

Volume - Rectangular Prisms

How to find volume of a cylinder

V=Bh or 3.14r^2h

the volume of a cylinder is the product of the area of the base B and the height h

section 7

The volume of a pyramid is V=1/3Bh

the V of the pyramid is one third the product of the ares of the base.


How to find the area of the cone you have to do V=1/3Dh or1/33.14r^2h.


To find the area of a sphere is V=4/33.14r^2

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