Civil Engineering

By Carlos Franco


Civil Engineering is a very exiting and fulfilling career. It was ranked as 22nd best job overall by "US News". It's a very challenging and demanding career, but it's also rewarding.


You Will Need:

  • 4 year bachelor's degree in Civil engineering
  • Licence in all states and District Of Columbia
A civil engineering degree is pretty accessible, some colleges that offer it are UT, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, CAL. Berkeley, and many more.


  • Analyze (maps, blueprints, data, etc)
  • Plan and design projects
  • Ensure project safety
  • Direct, and make sure everything is running smoothly

Risks or Safety Concerns

Civil engineers mostly work indoors but sometimes spend time outdoors at the construction site. Safety concerns include:

  • Paper Cuts
  • Objects falling on them
  • Other construction related injuries


  • The median annual wage is $79,340
  • Or $1520.50 per week
  • Or $38.14 per hour
  • The bottom 10% earned $51,280
  • The top 10% earned $122,020


The outlook from 2012-2022 is 20% (faster than average)

Industries and Companies

Areas Of Specialization


Isolation Bearings- Are Basically "platforms" developed by engineers to help resist earthquakes. They are spring like platforms that move side to side that have saved many lives.