Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Reinvent Healthcare using Essential Oils

Fun and Informative class using essential oils to reinvent healthcare!

Join us for a makeover of your medicine cabinet using essential oils. Learn how to soothe emotions, calm anxiety, elevate your mood, support the respiratory system, provide first aid for your skin, support immune functions, calm muscle aches and pains, ease digestive discomfort, and more using certified pure therapeutic essential oils.

Wellness Advocates Donna Randall and Mary Simpson, will share how essential oils have become their families first line of defense against ailments and how they have reduced doctors visits and dependence on medicine.

Reinvent Healthcare!

Take control of your health!

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Saturday, June 28th, 10:30am

Beth and Kevins House, Murphy TX

This event is at a private home, email for details.

For more information text or call:

Donna Randall 281-725-8830

Mary Simpson 817-648-8298

Beth Hyman 972-898-8917

Wellness Advocate - doTERRA

In November 2012 I was introduced to essential oils and dōTERRA International. I noticed during the one year of using the oils, my family had not been to a sick visit at the doctor. Then when my husband handed me our new prescription drug cards for 2014, I realized we did not use our cards the entire year in 2013. I attribute this to the baby steps we took towards changing our eating habits and to the use of dōTERRA Certified Pure therapeutic Grade essential oils. In November 2013, I decided I wanted to share this my families story with others. What is working to help you towards Good Health? I hope you will be interested in learning and sharing with me.
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