Angel falls

Alexis matlock


Angel Falls is a very beautiful and amazing place. In fact some say it is one of the most amazing places in the world.

Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall in the world. Jimmy Angel discovered the waterfall back in 1937.

The water falls from 979 meters high to 150 meters wide. Angel Falls is twenty times higher than Niagara Falls. Angel Falls is a very memorable and


Traveling to the Falls can’t be accessed by the road. Angel Falls is in a very remote area. This explains why it was discovered late. There a 2 main ways you can get to Angel Falls. The 2 was air and sailing.

Going on a trip to Angel Falls? A few additional days are needed to get the most optimal experience.

Some items you should bring with you are a hat, long pants and shirts, bug repellent, camera, and boots if you feel like walking.

Tourist stay in Palm Thatched Huts which are also called Churuatas. The huts have hammocks, beds, toilets, and even showers. If staying in a hut is not your thing a lodging stay will set you back $150.00 per night.

There are so many interesting things about angel falls. During the rainy season they may divide into two separate waterfalls. When the water level is high it is possible to feel the spray up to a mile away."These falls reach more than twenty six hundred feet up, and they are roughly fifteen times as high as Niagara Falls. The longest continuous drop in the falls is over eight hundred meters".

Angel falls got its name from a adventurous pilot, ( jimmy Ange ) from Missouri.


If you love nature Angel Falls will be for you. Angel Falls is the tallest, most beautiful waterfall in the world. Angel Falls would be the vacation of a lifetime.