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Incorporating Personalized Learning at SEMS

Ready or Not, Here tablets come!!!!

Whew! The tablets are almost here. It seems like yesterday we were going through Spring training, then Summer Training, and now student training. We should be tablet experts, right? I know that this is not the reality for everyone in the building but we must at least fake like we are the experts! Don't worry! You have a team of Pace members and colleagues that are ready and willing to boost your tablet IQ. Ask and it shall be given.
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Final Assessment

There is a mini assessment embedded in Day 3’s course. It covers day 1-3 but doesn't include the remaining modules.. There is a cumulative assessment that we created to address this need. This will be taken as a portion of the last day of training. I am sharing the playlist to you. You will need to save it to your amplify account. It uses the quiz feature through the Amplify device. I have attached a video to show you the steps that you should take.

Once you have attached It to your playlist you can share it to all of your student tablets. They will complete the quiz and each teacher will receive a digital record of their performance. We are looking for a 70% passing rate. (minimum 14 correct) We may have to make adjustments based on displayed knowledge from students.

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Video Back up

Click the below link in case the Youtube video is broken.

Professional Development at SEMS

We are trying to streamline what PD is offered at SEMS. We will combine a blended approach to providing PLE professional development. We will combine flipped versions of training along with traditional versions. In order to develop this we need YOU! Please complete the below survey so that we can identify areas of need for SEMS. It will not be used in anyway to single out a teacher but simple to get a global view of needs for SEMS.

Tablet Permission Forms

We need to retrieve all tablet permission forms. We will If you are missing any permission form or know that a parent is refusing to sign, please contact me or an administrator. We will make a reach to contact these individuals. If student does not return his/her permission form we will limit their tablet usage. They will not be allowed to take the device out of the school building. If you need additional copies don't hesitate to contact me.

Don't forget to post your tablet troubleshooting forms and WiFi connect posters. These will be extremely helpful in the long run!

Your neighborhood friendly PLEF

Mr. Domieka Cantey is the Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator serving Southeast Middle School, Allen Jay Preparatory Academy, and temporarily The Academy at Lincoln.