Gaming Trends and Champions

(Issue #2)

Urbville Losing Supporters?

After Several weeks of the students and staff of Tell City Jr. Sr. High School playing Urbville it has finally hit its peak. Urbville did not stop after capturing the areas normal gamers, it stretched its addicting grasp to people that never play games inside or outside of school, but some of its original members are starting to tread away from playing. Long time member Toby Wilson says he is "burnt out" on urbville and feels that its reign as "Trending Game" will soon end. Original trend setter Kyle Goffinet has already begun his search for the next big game. Could this be your chance to start a new trend?

Games in Gaming

Name This Game!

The First person to email me( the correct name of this video game will win a Gatorade of their Choice.

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PS4 v.s. Xbox one

This holiday season the next gen systems will be released to the public. Both systems are going amazing without a doubt. The only question is which one is one will be the better buy. Below is a link that shows you some of the basic details of both systems. If price is your only concern PS4 will start at 399.99 while the Xbox one will start at 499.99

I will also be sending out a forum to see what you think. Please respond and I will have the results on the next issue!

Tips and Tricks

Teachers telling you to close all your other tabs?

Press "ctrl N" to open up an incognito tab, then all your games will be hidden!

looking back... urbville gallery

Urbville Champion! (Drum Roll)

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Collin Miller!!