Fowler USD #225

January 2021 Newsletter


First semester grade reports will be sent home with students during the week school resumes. In the elementary school, students will bring them home in their folders. In the high school, students will receive them from their mentors.

An App message will be sent out on the day the grade reports are given out to students so that parents/guardians know to look for them.

K-12 Music Concert

This year students performed their Christmas pieces outdoors in front of businesses downtown as a creative alternative to the traditional program.
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Students Present to BOE

The elementary leadership council, as well as the high school English for the Workplace class and junior, Elijah Zortman, all presented for the Board of Education at the December meeting.
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Door Decoration Winners

The elementary winner of the 12 Days of Christmas door decorating contest was the 2nd grade class, and the secondary winner was the 6th grade class. Mrs. McDowell was also excited to announce that her door ended up with 174 light bulbs on it- each bulb representing a content assessment that was passed during the month of December!

USD #225 Activities and Events

Limited Spectator Policy Continues

The KSHSAA policy allowing up to 2 parent/guardians to attend activities will continue for the month of January. Passes have been provided to the designated parent/guardians.

We will continue to stream our activities on Facebook Live.

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STEM & PBL Activities

Students who were caught up in their classes participated in STEM and PBL activities the week before break. Challenges included-

* How can we make holiday meals healthier without sacrificing our traditions?

* How can we decrease the environmental impact of Christmas decorations that are commonly used to create the holiday spirit?

* Create a digital children’s story or comic strip that expresses the true meaning of the holiday season.

* Compose original background music that creates a variety of moods.

* Apply the principles of kinetic energy to build a car using only dry pasta and glue that travels the furthest distance past the end of the ramp.

* Create a contraption that can remove a quantity of snow in the shortest amount of time.

* Design and build a catapult that launches a gumdrop the farthest distance possible.

Gingerbread Friends Virtual Family Fun Night

Elementary students and their families joined Mrs. McDowell on Facebook Live for a read-aloud of "Gingerbread Friends" by Jan Brett.
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January 2021 Breakfast Menu - This institution is an equal opportunity provider - Menus are subject to change


January 2021 Lunch Menu - This institution is an equal opportunity provider - Menus are subject to change


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