Child Abuse a problem to solve

By: Alexandra Ogaz

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Child Abuse problem

This a big problem to solve because to many children's are dying and having mental problems and having problems in there life. This issue affects mostly to children's. it is affect them by thinking of killing themselves or they separate from the others they think that there problem is normal and there began to be alone from the others and don't want to speak and get help from a adult.

Child Abuse

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We can fix this problem by getting involve with the child welfare in your neighborhood or in your country. It have been fix it by police taking the children's away from there parents. some of the obstacles to fixing the problem is the children's that are being abuse they don't want to speak up just cause there scare of there parents to get mad and hit hit them harder just cause they told someone what is happening in there homes.


A house is made to protect not to be scared of living in that house and parents shouldn't be parents if they dint know how to take care of children's. Less if parents cant give love to there family members. A family is were you can be protective and be safe to call them family.

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