Immigrant Rights

By Raul Diaz

Immigration in the U.S.

Immigration is the migration of a race going to another country, but some of the reasons they cross borders is to escape from violence or poverty. When immigrants get caught, they have to go to court but instead, they are automatically deported. There are thousands of immigrants crossing the border but some die on the way and some people don't know until it is too late. All this is happening in the US-Mexico border, around hundreds of thousands deaths per month and to have all the work done then start all over again. This is all violating article 13: right to free movement in and out of the country.

Immigrant rights and population

Immigration doesnt only show within the border crossing but it also appears in the total population of America, point bieng that immigrants throughout the world that come to America is what really makes up the US. Chicago is one of the states that have a good chunk of immigrants and in this case, 48% of the population are immigrants fom china, india, mexico and more. This all started around 1990 and it was mostly immigrants from the other side fo the world like india but then mexican, cuban, and southen americans immigrants came to escape the violance, poverty, ore something else and came to Chicago to loook for a much better life.

What Being Done

There are organizations helping with the problem of immigration like the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) by helping immigrants in Chicago receive citizenship. The NIJC (National Immigration Justice Center) has fought for more pay for immigrant workers. There are many organizations that helped with immigration but before Obama had to end his time in the oval office, he shielded the immigrants from being deported helping immigrants to come out and get citizenship.

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