May Madness

SkillSet Organizing May 2015 e-Newsletter

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The Rush Into Summer

I don't know about you all, but for me March is a cakewalk compared to May. With all of the end-of-school events, graduations, performances...not to mention getting summer vacation plans lined up - it ends up being one of my craziest times of year. What are busy people to do in order to get all of those details and last-minute requests organized before summer hits? Here are a few ideas:

  • Pull out the calendar (use the whole month view if you use a digital calendar) and be sure all May events, practices, parties and commitments are included.
  • Do the same thing for all summer camps, parties, vacations, volunteer work, and deadlines through the first of August.
  • Take a day or two before the hottest weather hits to clear out your vehicles, garages, outdoor sheds and storage areas.
  • Get those gifts for teachers and other special people well ahead of time.
  • Shop for the summer/outdoor things you need: things like sunscreen, towels, citronella candles, travel-sized items, and grilling supplies. DON'T SHOP WITHOUT A LIST.
  • May is National Photo Month - take a little time to organize the photos from the past academic year, even it that means just designating a box with the appropriate dates. Get rid of duplicates or photos you just don't like.

Growing and Changing...

New and exciting things to expect from SkillSet:

  • Do you have (or are you) a student struggling to keep up with assignments, projects, deadlines, and just all of the stuff? SkillSet is pleased to be offering its newest service, Student Organizing, to help with everything from time management to setting up the right study area. Services begin this coming August for middle school through college levels. Interested in learning more now? Call or email me at 615-428-3816 or
  • Have you worked with me, gotten your spaces under control, but still need some occasional support and accountability? Give me a shout and we'll schedule a Two-Hour Touch Up to keep things on track. Special pricing of $88 through the month of June (that's 20% off regular rates).
  • Heads up, Dear Readers: this newsletter will published quarterly starting in July. Making this shift will allow me to deliver you deeper content, cover more topics, and focus more on my blog, "Sorting Through The Haystack". I would be honored if you would sign up for the blog at the link - my goal is to post weekly, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

April Survey Results

Here are the responses to the question "What is your top priority Spring Organizing project?":

60% - Basement or attic
20% - Clothes closet
20% - Laundry/Utility room

What, no garages?! Thanks to all who responded, and be on the lookout for our next survey in July.