Pakistan and The Bangladesh War

By: Shelby Adler

The Bangladesh War and Its Affects

The Bangladesh War also known as the Bangladesh Liberation War was a conflict between West Pakistan and East Pakistan that started on March 26th, 1971 and was resolved on December 16th, 1971. These conflicts arose because of differences in religion and language. The difference between the two parts of Pakistan were so big because around one thousand miles of Indian territory separated them. The main two factors that caused the war were economic issues and government. East Pakistan was left undefended in the eyes of the people, while West Pakistan was represented properly due to the capital being located there. The resolution of the war resulted in the surrender of West Pakistan, and the birth of Bangladesh, previously known as East Pakistan.

This war affected people in many ways, for example many individuals lost their family. Over three million people were left dead as a result of the war. Many including women died fighting in the war. I can only imagine how many family members were left heart broken due to this. Some other affects of the war are living in constant fear and poverty. One of the most tragic of all the affects in my opinion is genocidal rape. As part of a political campaign over four thousand women were raped by members of the Pakistani military.

People were even forced to flee their homes and become refugees in India. Over eight million people took shelter in refugee camps. As a result of so many people fleeing Pakistan there were around 829 refugee camps in India. In fact the population of refugees out numbered the local inhabitants. The living conditions of the camps were not very good, due to this many people died of sickness. Although this did not stop more refugees from flowing into India everyday.

In order to escape getting killed or raped many children joined the freedom fighters. The freedom fighters were a guerilla force who fought against the Pakistan Army. This would greatly affect the children as a whole because they would be forced to mature very quick, while their family members would live in constant agony wondering whether their children were dead or alive.