Group Session Washington DC

Transform, Integrate and Expand!

Let’s be an active and conscious piece of the transformational process we are going through

In this session we are going to have the opportunity to begin a transformational process aligned with all and each of the participants as I receive Divine guidance

Removal of collective memories, receive guidance to move forward, peace and inner tranquility are some of the experiences that we can co-create.

I will receive information through my hands, I will share it with all participants and then we could begin a conscious transformation once we integrate whatever we have received.


For about a year I was living a situation that only filled me with anguish, anxiety, sadness, despair and all the feelings that are related and the worst thing is that I could not handle it, nor was able to get out of there, couldn’t let go, I did not have the will to do it even though I knew that it hurt me despite there was no way to fix it or was going anywhere. Then the week after the pineal gland activation, I had an avalanche of mixed feelings; Suddenly I was calm and then again I fell into sadness ... I think they were energetic adjustments.

Then it was when Alex invited me to your group sessions and the change I had was incredible and immediate ... the calm returned to my life, I began to care little or nothing about the situation, began to feel super calm, to be without anxiety and without stress, to really be aware of what that situation meant and let it go without pain that was the hardest thing for me. And every day since then I have felt a lot, much better and I have been surpassing and releasing that in the most calm way and without wanting to control it. Realy it was what I was looking for at this stage of my life, but I'm afraid to fall again, that's why I need you back soon! I want to continue participating in your sessions because I really like them very much ... the peace and tranquility that I feel are incredible !!!

Another very important thing ... I did not cry anymore, when before there was no day without crying!

Come back soon!!!!

Jenny Dueñas, Bogotá

In the group session in addition to the physical experience, I noticed later that something have changed. The message that Pao gave to us about the help we received during that session, letting go of obsessive thoughts was true. A certain issue that was spinning in my head, just stopped coming back, although I realized this after a few weeks. Even when this issue comes back now to my mind, I feel calmer and it simply goes away.

I had the opportunity to receive a beautiful sign after the second session, a feather appeared on my bed one night as a reminder of the message given to us remembering the purity of our soul and the freedom that we all have. For that reason, today I can say the sessions are a great and wonderful help in order to start a process of transformation by listening closely to our own heart and what we desire. It’s an opportunity to begin experiencing changes in a calmer way and truly acceptance.

Thank you Pao for being that bridge of healing because feeling calmness and tranquility is something that I haven´t feel for a long time.

RND, Bogotá

This group session motivates me to continue this path to healing and internal transformation that I have been experiencing for a couple years. I attended the session with the intention of opening myself to receive the help of God through the activity that we did. In reference to the emotions I felt, there was fear, resistance, brief physical aches in my legs, some pressure over my head and at the end of the session the information given by Ma Paola resonated with me, in my daily life, the images, the stories and the presence of Jophiel was overwhelming for me, for its meaning, its message and also my daughter has a special connection with him.

Thank you Ma Paola for opening the space in that special place (Anasi), for listening to the messages of the Divine through others, for being attentive to our unconscious requests for helping and for making it financially accessible!

Yuvixa Fuentes, Bogotá

Sesión Grupal Transformación Cuántica

Canalizada por María Paola Rojas

Cuándo: Sábado Septiembre 22. 2:00 PM

Dónde: Takoma Park, MD

Aporte: $50

Qué llevar: * Mat de yoga y/o cobija y almohada para acostarse en el piso

* La intención de avanzar en tu proceso de transformación consciente!


Te esperamos con tu corazón abierto para recibir lo que hay dispuesto para ti!

Sesión Grupal Transformación Cuántica

Saturday, Sep. 22nd, 2-5pm

Takoma Park, MD, USA

Takoma Park, MD

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