Week 8: Peer to Peer Chat

Collaborating. Growing. Reflecting.

Your Not-So-Average Applauses for the Classroom

Celebrating student's work and efforts happen on a daily basis, and we most likely praise with the words "good job" a hundred times throughout the week. So, this week have a little fun and change up your applauses and praises with these 'Your Not-So-Average Applauses for the Classroom' cards. Celebrating student's accomplishments is part of the PPfT Rubric, Classroom Climate - Strand 7.
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Colleague Collaboration

We all love to "borrow ideas" from our peers, and in our profession we constantly learn from one another regardless of our years of experience.

Wondering for the Week: Would you open up your classroom to others if peers came for Peer Visits where they take away ideas and strategies to implement in their own classrooms?

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The Stand-Up Game: A Classroom Strategy

This student engagement strategy is one that promotes active listening and participation. It could be used in any grade and all content areas, and ties into the Student Engagement strand from the PPfT Rubric.

A Note from Danielle, EEIP Peer Observer:

Always Remember:

If you are a teacher with 4+ years of experience and decide you'd like to collaborate at any point during the school year, it's as easy as sending over an email and letting me know how you would like to work together. Peer Observers and Teachers are PEERS whose work is guided by the TEACHER.