Pro Golfer

By: Makenna Henry

Job Conditions

These people earn a living off of playing in golf tournaments all over the world. Or earn a living by teaching golf. But i would want to be a pro golfer.

Work Conditions

You are normally always out doors playing or practicing, but occasionally practice inside on a putting green, or indoor driving ranges. It takes 4 to 5 hours to finish 18 holes. Touraments are 1-3 day long.


Average Pro golfer wins around 2 million a year, Top-name golfer win 100 million a year.

when finishing a tournament will likely result in a payday of at least $25,000,while winning a tournament could be1.5 million.

Another way to get money

you could also get paid by sponsorships. If you sponsor their brand in a golf tournament, you could get 25,000 to 250,000 depending on how much the sponsor wants to pay.

Education Background


Career Ladder

I played JPGA through 4th grade to 8th, played high school, college, and then PGA.

Employment Outlook

It will be around in the future but it might be played differently.

Related Jobs

If I couldn't play golf I would be a sports announcer for ESPN.

What Characteristics or abilities are needed for a person to be besting this career?

To not be a quitter when you do good or bad, and when loosing, have a positive attitude.

Advantages of this career

You have as much off time as you want and you get to pick your schedule how ever you want.

Disadvantages of this career

It can get super hot while playing and practicing.