The Dream Team!

November 2013 Newsletter

A Fantastic November!

With 78 ladies in my Gen 0 we had $50,747.00 in sales!! Ladies you ROCKED it in November!

There are a total of 137 woman on the entire downline and together we put in $82,735.50!

What an AMAZING month! Proud of you all. I hope you all are able to have a debt free Christmas!

Congrats to all of you who are working your business. Here is our top in sales!

Look who had over $3000 in sales!

Patti Hudson $3285

Amanda Smith $3048

Look who had over $2000 in sales!

Tammy Mittelstaedt $2988

These ladies all had over a $1000 in sales!

Rachel Biter $1940

Lauren Krumholz $1801

Abigail King $1725

Marcy Schaller $1582

Katie Jones $1574

Ashley DeCair $1454

Lisa Spyke $1359

Sherry Wright $1216

Tracy Zalba $1187

Melanie Boshoff $1169

Jocee Weatherly $1158

Wendy Payne $1116

Angel Mudge $1078

Leah Morehouse $1064

Linsey Drews $1011

Sherry DeVowe $1003

Aimee Lewis $1001

New consultants!! We WELCOME YOU!

Christy Brashear from TN --Sponsored by Rachel Biter

Erin Mendoza from TX --Sponsored by Sarah Carlyle

Congrats ladies we can't wait to watch your business grow!


You can begin registering for our next C&C. (Celebrate & Connect) meeting beginning on Dec 26th thru Jan 9th. Please sign up on the first day so you don't forget. For those of you out of state you are able to attend any meeting of your choice!

Don't forget you can now purchase the add on kit for $60. This will be on sale till Dec 20th. This is a great investment for your business!

Now is the prime time to be sharing your "WHY". Share your excitement with everyone you come in contact with. Let them know how much you LOVE Thirty One. We have a brand new catalog and now is the time to bring on new team members. Build your team and earn the Director Incentive Trip! ANYONE can do it! I have faith in you all!

Now is also the time to order your Spring business supplies! Look on Thirty One Today for all the new supplies.

Please don't forget to check on a weekly basis for business updates and wonderful training!

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My stats!

This is never to impress you, but to ENCOURAGE you!

Executive Director Sarah Carlyle

Sales $3694.00

Parties 4

My commissions for choosing Directorship $5295.40

Don't forget if you are NOT on the team Facebook page please friend request me as many of you I do not know yet, and we can add you! My name on FB is Sarah Kimball Carlyle

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