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A Christmas Carol


Charles Dickens


Chapman & Hall

Date Published:

December 17th, 1843

Number of Pages:
116 pages


There is a mean, unfriendly soul in Londontown, His name is Scrooge, He is a Money-lender. He doesn't help the people in need of money early or doesn't help the poor. Even on Christmas! When Scrooge gets home on Christmas eve, His Old Co-worker, Jacob Marley, who is dead, his ghost comes to his house to Not let him end out like him and get a chain. So he says, "When the clock strikes One, Who will be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past. When the clock strikes two, you will be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present. And when the clock strikes three, you will be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future"

When the clock strikes one, the Ghost of Christmas Past Comes ad tells him about his past. For example, When he Loses his dad, and his Sister, Fan. He also see him at 'Mr.Fezzywig's Annual Christmas Ball' when he meets the prettiest girl in town and When she proposed, he rejects her and how he turns out to be him today.

When the Ghost of Christmas Present comes, they visit his overworked, but underpaid Worker, Mr.Chraghit's House, and see's the less amount of food they can afford and the Unhealthy child who they have who they cant afford to Take care of.

When the Ghost of Christmas Future comes, they See that in the future, Tiny Tim, Who is Mr.Chraghit's unhealthy son. He ends up dead and they visit the Grave that he has. They Also visits Scrooge's Grave. The next moment, he wakes up on Christmas Day.

Mr. Scrooge Learns that he has not much time left and he needs to appreciate the people who love him and support him. He tips the poor with hundreds of dollars and buys lots of toys to bring to the Chraghits Family, Mr. Chraghits gets a raise and scrooge make him his partner. But the most important thing is. Mr. Scrooge Learns what Christmas is all about.


Ebenezer Scrooge is a Hard, Cold-Blooded, Mean Fellow. He has no love in his heart. He doesn't spend any time with his family, Even on Christmas! All he cares about is his funds and his money. His Old worker who is Dead, Jacob Marley. Comes as a ghost to his house to tell him that he should never end out like him. So he sends three Ghosts to remind him to love his family, Even on Christmas!


Mr. Scrooge is not a nice Person, He needs to learn to love. If he stays like this Cold-blooded, hard, not thankful, cruel person. He will end up with Pound of chains on his ghost, link by link. He fixes this problem by visiting his Past, Present, and his future.

Title Explanation

Why this is considered "A Christmas Carol" is because this story takes place in Christmas time, and there are carolers who hope for the best of Scrooge but they do get it at the end of the story.

Book Review

I think it is a great book! It shares to be thankful for the ones you love. Especially at Christmas time. But, i think that most people have seen the movies. The book is kind of a copy if you read it after you watch the movie