FoodyTV gaines massive momentum with its reach

Todd Lewis, Freelance Writer

Nowdays, cooking shows are very popular in the USA, as well as the rest of the world. They became an essential part of TV programs and the type of shows that the whole family, gathered around a TV, can watch. There are so many cooking shows today and their popularity is rising mostly because, as the following passage implies, they turned an obligation into a sport excitement. Then comes along FoodyTV that is changing the world of food in a big way.

Today's food is not just a meal that we are obliged to prepare on daily basis in order to quench our primary need – hunger. The cooking of today became so sofisticated and appreciated that it is frequently viewed as an art. Never before throughout human history people cared so much about food ingredients and preparation. Today, we read a lot about nutritive values of our food, we search for new recipes, we alter the old ones by giving them the modern cuisine touch, and more than anything, we enjoy watching cooking shows. Big name celebrity chefs are taking the network to new heights; David Rosengarten, The Flaming Greek, The Story of cooking, The medicine chef, Regal Fair, What’s for Dinner, Therapeutic Cuisine, Healthy Living, Taste This TV, Cooking with Remmi, Critic in the Kitchen and Maria Loi,

All cooking shows can roughly be divided into two categories. First category would be the type of cooking shows where ordinary people, amateurs, compete among themselves, preparing the meals that judges order them to prepare, within limited time and ingredients. Also, these amateurs sometimes compete against a professional chef, or two professionals compete against each other. An example of such cooking show is Master Chef USA. This is a competitive type of cooking show where the participants compete in order to win the competition and earn the title. On the other hand, there are the cooking shows where one professional master chef shows their talent in the kitchen, cooking various, often original and never-seen-before meals. This master chef can cook alone or have assistant(s), but the point is that there is no competition, just plain cooking.

Both type of these cooking shows are extremely popular and there are several reasons that justify their popularity. First of all, food and cooking is something essential for human existence. It is, therefore logical that people enjoy watching how the food is being made, because we depend on food every single day. Also, most people are more likely to visually memorize the recipe and to reproduce it in their kitchen, than to remember the written recipe they saw in a magazine. If we add the master chefs’ emphasizing of food flavors when describing their sensual, superb, out-of-this-world dishes; it is no wonder that the cooking shows are so popular.

For me, personally, cooking shows are fun, interesting and inspirational. I truly enjoy watching cooking shows especially on FoodyTV because, since I cook every day, I love discovering new recipes. You can leave their 24 hour play list running all day and never get tired of cooking. All of my friends are of the same opinion since we all love to try some new meal that we never tried before. The experience and professional education of master chefs are the qualities that should be strongly appreciated, so the shows of these professionals are always welcomed with new, innovative recipes and dishes. Nevertheless, the competitive types of cooking shows are perhaps even more popular because the competitiveness is an important part of human nature.

The expansion and popularity of cooking shows in the USA is logical and expected. There are a lot of reasons why people enjoy watching cooking shows and there is almost not a single disadvantage of this type of shows. Therefore, cooking shows are interesting, fun and inspirational. Take a look at where FoodyTV can be watched would tell you this is the new way of watching TV. The networks reach expands far among millions watching per day. The network can be seen on Roku, Amazon, Google Play, ITunes, Channel Masters and Opera. For more information log onto