Legal Music

By, Squid


People don't want to buy music that's $2.00 that you'll most likely forget about the next day or week. Music lovers want free music so that in case that happens, it won't cost you wasted money.

  • Singers make more money in one year than any other person will in one life time
  • Singers or song writers make money off of other things like merchandise and other things
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People want to listen to music but not waste a lot of money on it. Everyday, singers are getting thousands of dollars without lifting a finger. One person doesn't deserve millions and millions of dollars a year.

Benefits for singers

Benefits from downloading music are...

  • When people download singers music illegally off the internet, they might want to buy more merchandise from the writers.
  • People will want to listen to their music more often and will go to concerts or buy the actual CD
  • They might get more popular throughout time on the internet

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