BP5 RILS Storybird = -bp5(rils + s)

Current Evaluation


You can describe the beginning, middle and end of a story

B = Who are the characters? What is the setting?

M = What happens to characters?

E = How are the characters different than they were at the beginning of the story, because of what took place in the story?

The Product in Action

Storybird Start

I previously completed an assignment with the children called the "Important Things Book" inspired by the Margaret Wise book that was out of print and then put back in print by the popular demand of teachers. This book works with all ages and you can create a number of lesson places from following the pattern of the book that bel students get involved with what they are learning. Look at previous post for this lesson information and student examples.

As I was working with my students during this project. I found that they were able to use the program well after they familiarized themselves with Storybird. I did have one student the lagged behind and this as because she does not have full use of a computer outside of school, so some of the issues that she had the day prior were still prevalent. For example, how to start the story, how to save the story, how to publish, add pages, moves images around, and how to begin typing.


One of my students completed her work early and I allowed her to help the two students that were not finished. As she helped the students, one of the students taught her how to move images over that would be dragged into the writing space and fill up the page. She taught her to simply drag the image further and a text box would come on the right side and in turn the student that showed some trouble learning the program later taught them how to move the image up to create a text box underneath the image.

The overall usability was far more simpler for them than it was for me. They were able to play around and figure tons of things out and show each other how to use the application. There interaction was as positive as the "Power Puff Girls", when they got along (that could be my interesting title).

Reliability and Privacy

I do like that this program is reliable, I am able to see the student productions once they have saved and published them. They are also able to view each other's work as well. This makes it easier for them edit and view each other's book. And once again there are the cool messages that remind students not to publish with their last names, to also use a title, and to complete their cover page. These features are wonderful to me. This is teaching them to remember these things when creating a story. If only they had one of these for math, but with picture choice for pictographs, how can you vary a bar graph but with color, but enough about math, I need to focus on this reading.

Appropriate Audience

Before you post you book you are able to choose the audience that your book is written for. They are categorized by age group and the students have to make this choice as well. If they forget students can go back and edit their appropriate audience. These published books can also be searched for corresponding lessons by teachers or just read searches by their peers.


As a teacher you can create up to 75 accounts and 3 classes for freeeeeee.

150 accounts and 150 pdf downloads for $69 and classes are unlimited

300 accounts and 300 pdf downloads for $99 and classes are unlimited.

Either way you get a wonderful deal.