Value Of Colloidal Silver Disease

The Various Value Of Colloidal Silver In Disease Management

Although silver has been used to wash wounds and as a disinfectant for many years, with the records showing that it was popular with the early Greeks to manage several ailments. The story goes that the rich members of the society at this time served their food in silverware and were less likely to contact virus and bacteria related ailments. However, anti-bacterial soap replaced it as the main disinfectant and currently, pure colloidal silver is not widely used in mainstream medicine as many doctors say that it is not needed in the body.

Colloidal solution of silver is created through an electrolysis process in which the pure metallic silver elements get attached to protein molecules in the distilled water. The elements remain suspended and there is no need of shaking before use, as the stronger electric charge keeps suspended against the gravitational pull that tries to sink them to the bottom. The darker the color, the bigger the particles, this makes it harder to be absorbed in the body. Instead, it is advisable to choose the pale yellow or clear color colloidal.

It is used on the premise that it suffocates the single celled organisms. This is done by disabling the oxygen metabolism enzyme. In essence, the microorganisms that depend on anaerobic respiration cannot survive in an environment where there is a silver particle.

Since most harmful bacteria considered to be harmful to the body are anaerobic, the solution is very effective as a cure and as a preventive measure against these microbes. The main advantage is that the particles don't get consumed in the process and is therefore available for use over and over again.

It is very effective for most bacteria that are harmful as most in this category are said to be anaerobic. Other than bacteria, it also manages viruses, molds, yeast and other pathogens. It strengthens the body defense mechanisms, prevent the pathogens to use body cells for replication and prevent them from any form of multiplication thereby killing them.

More specifically, it destroys the enzyme that the bacteria use for anaerobic bacteria, yeast, viruses, and mold and is not consumed in the processes and is thus available for use again and again. In summary, it simply creates an environment in the body that is not conducive for the pathogens to survive or even multiply.

By design, it does not target any particular pathogen, but rather to work against the very nature of the life cycle. This makes it very effective as a preventive solution against future mutation as well as all current pathogens. No microorganism has been found to survive after contact and it even kills parasites that are in the egg stage. It is widely used to prevent and manage infections such as influenza, colds, parasitic infections and fermentation.

Although the medical community has not recognized it as a treatment against HIV/AIDS and cancer, many patients that use it against these ailments have been found to survive for a longer period. It is also said to prevent the cancer cells from developing within the body using the same mechanism that prevents replication of pathogens. There are also non-medical uses, such as preventing food fermentation within the digestive system and thereby preventing bloating, gas, indigestion and even reflex.

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