~ Texas Now ~

Written By: Ryan Kabir

The Archives War

Brief Summary of the Archives War events:

Mexican leaders did not agree with Lamar and his administration's actions, and began launching various raid attempts into Texas. One time, General Rafael Vasquez and his force decided to increase their aggressiveness and attacked with 700 soldiers in San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. The people of Texas panicked, therefore, President Samuel Houston ordered the recalling of all government "archives" from those areas. Changing the capital of the state to Houston until further notice. The citizens of Austin, led by Angelina Eberly, opposed this move and fired back trying to protect their documents. The conflict ended with the returning of these documents back to Austin.

Events that lead up to the Archives War:

During Lamar's campaign, he stressed his opposition to the Mexican Government, aswell as authorized the Santa Fe Expiditon which angered Mexico, and caused it to unexpectedly take action.

Before, During, After

During the course of events President Sam Houston, in response to being questioned 'Why did you make the decision that sending the documents to Houston would be a good idea?'. He stated, "It is not simply a matter of not giving them what they want, but locating it far enough from where they can get it... As for Austin, if they decide to remain, we will take action.". With no desire to make further comments.

As for Angelina Eberly, we managed to get her to comment after the ordeal. We questioned her many times, but she was only willing to respond to a few of them. One of them being, 'Why did you decide to fire against the Texan forces?' She calmly responded, "I could not simply stand by as they abandoned Austin, we had to stop them to preserve Austin. Texan or not, Mexican, or not, we will protect Austin. After those subjectively patriotic words, we concluded our interviewing session with Miss Eberly.

The Aftermath

After the incident of the Archives War, General Adrian Woll and 1.400 soldiers forced San Antonio into its control. The invading army was opposed by hundreds of Texan Militia and Texas Rangers. They attacked Woll and his soldiers at Salado Creek, several miles away from San Antonio. (Most likely to minimize damage, and the cost of repair on the town) The Mexican Soldiers eventually retreated, taking a few captives with them. Which eventually lead to another event, known as the Meir Expedition.

Sam Houston

Samuel Houston was the current president of Texas, who, prior to the raiding of Austin, decided that the correct move would be to remove every archive from Houston for safekeeping.

Angelina Eberly

Angelina Ebery lead the fire against Houston's men who tried to move the archives out of Austin. She opposed Houston's move because she thought the documents were detrimental to keeping Austin involved in Texas politics. Patriotic, yes, but not with convenient timing.