Printing Methods!

Block Printing, Screen Printing and others!


There are many different ways to . I will be focusing on block printing, screen printing, lino printing and relief/polystyrene printing.
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Block Printing

What is Blocking Printing?

Block printing is an ancient method used to create an image and transfer it to paper or a piece of fabric. Though there are many different ways to do this, the simplest is to paint the block (that holds the image that you want printed) and then transfer it to a piece of cloth.

How do you Block Print?

At first, you have to sketch an image onto a piece of cardboard. Try a simple image

(like a heart) if you are block printing for the first time. After sketching an image, carve out the design, preferably by scissors! Get some glue and the block of wood that you have. Apply some glue on the back

of the image that you have made and stick it on the block of wood. It might be helpful to first trace the block of wood on the cardboard so you get an idea of how much space you have to draw the desired image.

Let that dry for some time and while it is drying get your paint colors, paintbrush and piece of fabric (that you will print the image on!). When it has dried, paint it to your choice and draw some textures if you like! It will give it that extra oomph and look so much more interesting! After you finish painting your image, print it onto the fabric and look at your fabulous block print!

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Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is creating an image or pattern by 'forcing' ink or metal on to (a surface) through a fine material.

How do you Screen Print?

The screen (which is made from a fine mesh material) is fixed to a wooden frame. A stencil is placed under the screen and some ink 'forced' through the stencil onto the material below. Screen printing with stencils is best for blocks of colour.

Lino Printing

What is Lino Printing?

Lino Printing is a form of fine art printmaking. This is made when a plate cuts into lino, or linoleum, sheet.

How do you Lino Print?

At first, a design is cut into this lino surface with some sharp carving tools. Then the lino is inked and then a piece of paper is placed on to it. It is then put through a printing press or force can be applied by hand to get the ink to come on to the paper. This is all done to make a linocut print. This makes the surface smooth, however, this technique doesn't allow you put texture.

Relief/Polystyrene Printing

What is Relief/Polystyrene Printing?

This type of printing is printing ink that is transferred to paper or another printed surface, that is from areas that are higher than the rest of the block. Some examples are letterpress (printed text or reading matter) and flexography (similar to letterpress, which uses fast-drying inks!).

How do you make a Relief/Polystyrene print?

Wood is carved with special tools and this creates texture. All that remains, is a design that has to be printed later. The ink is later put on the paper and then pressed. This is similar the other printmaking techniques.

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