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Thomas Montgomery Newman was born on October 20, 1955 in Los Angeles, California. Thomas was born into a famous family, his dad Alfred Newman had won 9 Oscars for composing and scoring films. It was no surprise when Thomas decided he waned to follow his family's footsteps in the movie industry. Thomas started his love for music at age 14 when his father died. Thomas stared to pursue basic music and piano studies.

Thomas then went on to college at USC to study composition and orchestration. To further his studies, Thomas finished his education at Yale. After graduating, Thomas went to score and compose for films.

A turning point in Thomas's career was when he was moved up to composer in the film Reckless, his first film. By getting moved to composer, Thomas gained notice, which furthered his career. When Thomas' career shot off many people wanted him to compose in their movies. Thomas contributed to music because he has participated in many popular films and has changed how the perception of soundtrack music.


Turning Point in Career

A turning point in Thomas's career was when he was moved up to composer in the film Reckless in 1984.

Top Films/Shows

Finding Nemo



Saving Mr.Banks

Finding Dory (Filming)


74 Nominations including: Best Music, Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Best Song

46 Wins including: Composer of the Year, Best Original Song, Best Musical Score

Characterisitcs of Soundtrack Music

Source of emotion for the film

Portrays a certain scene in the show/movie

Can have lyrics or just instruments

Finding Nemo

Characters: Bubbles, Dory, Nemo, Dentist, Gurgle, Flo, Mr. Ray, Bloat, Marlin, Sheldon, Jacques, Bruce, Darla, Squirt, Nigel, Gill, Fish School, Coral, Pearl, Crush, Chum, Anchor, Tad, Peach

Setting: Pacific Ocean near Australia; Dentist's Office

Plot: Marlin, a clownfish, is very protective over his son Nemo because he has a damaged fin and is his only child. When Nemo tries to prove himself to his father Nemo gets caught by a diver and taken to a dentist's office. Marlin searches far and wide for his son and runs into many unexpected obsticals. Meanwhile, Nemo is planning on how to escape the fish tank before it is too late.

Finding Nemo Score- 03- Nemo Egg (Main Title) -Thomas Newman

Finding Nemo- Nemo Egg (Main Title)

S- Piano, Percussion, Strings

H- Percussion

M- Piano, Strings

R- Slow, in 4

G- Soft: Line


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