Asian Elephants

by Weston

Animal charecteristics

This is a Asian Elephant it has fiber tusks. It is a endangered species because a long time ago they used to kill Asian Elephants for there tusks. Know it is illeagle to hunt them.

map with location

A Asian Elephant lives in india or the east part of Asia.

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habitat characteristics

there are trees and the trees produce mangos. there are even some dirt and Asia is not all coverd in grass.

food chain/food web

the elephant eats delicious fruits and there names are the mango, jackfruit, starfruit, and pawpaws. tigers and lions eat elephants for there daily lunch.
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life cycle

the life cycle of the elephant can be categorized into three main periods - the baby, the adolescent and the adult elephant.

inherated traits

the Asian elephant inherits how long its tusks are and how tall it is and how long its trunk can be and how big its feet get some elephants inherit up to nine feet tall.

learn behavore

the elephant learns how to use their trunk and how they walk and how they use their materials to find food and find shelter to stay away from there natural predators and from other harmful things.

plan for enclosure

I am planning to make my enclosure 1 acre and with a back brick wall with plexi glass windows and some rocks and some trees and especially some bamboo to chew on. they need some fence that is in the front and probably the fence needs to be at least about 3 feet tall and a dip in the ground that separates the inside of a cage to the fence.


the elephants enrichment is maybe some boomer balls and some popsicles that are 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide. And some hanging tires with food and some lion poop so they can stay alert.


this is what my Asian elephant looks like this Asian elephant just had a newborn baby


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the end

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