Are you ready to Party?

Only 7th graders allowed!

Party Information:

Where? Chisholm Trail Middle School

When? 8:45- 3:55

What? Bounce Houses and Food


We had to include a lot of math to plan your party! Who would have known parties included math? Well we had two food places to choose from. We had Burger Bonanza and Pizza Palace. Unfortunately one was cheaper but the other was better tasting. Burger Bonanza was $10 per person plus $20. Pizza Palace was $9.25 per person plus $61.25. After our calculations there was a small difference between the two prices. It turns out Pizza palace is cheaper and Burger Bonanza is more expensive. So this is why we chose Pizza Palace!


Once again math was included in finding the Prices and the plan for the party. Unfortunately they crossed halfway in the price. If you invite four people you will pay $300 for either bounce house. Before the "cross" Jumpin' Jacks was higher, then after the "cross" Hoppin' Around was higher. So this is why we chose Jumpin' Jacks

We are Party Palace

So are you coming?