Shining in First Grade

Weekly Updates in Mrs. Graham's Class

Events for December 14-18 (Black Week)

Monday: Please return Leveled Readers, December Reading Calendar, and PAWS folder
Star of the Week: Rylan

Tuesday: 1st Grade Music Concert @ 7:00 Be in the classroom at 6:30

Wednesday: Bowling Party 2:00-3:00


Friday: Holiday Party @ 2:45 (Ashley Gordon, Julie Browne, Tasha Jorgenson)


Weekly Vocabulary: ALL UNIT 2 VOCABULARY
Spelling Words: will, off, spell, miss, pass, sniff, call, small
Spelling Sentences:
1. Dad must not miss his call.
2. Which small pup will Bill get?

Nightly Reading: Our December reading goal is to read 250 minutes. Students will receive a pizza certificate for their reading this month.
Counting: Practice counting with your child by 10's, 5's, and 2's beginning at zero all the way to 120!

Bowling Party

We are going to go bowling as a class on Wednesday, December 16th fro 2:00-3:00. We go bowling instead of having a class gift exchange. The cost for bowling is $2.00. Please send the money as soon as possible. I will also need to know your child's shoe size. To save time, the bowling alley gets the shoes ready in the lanes we will be bowling in!!

Note: The actual cost for bowling is $3.50. We are going to use our Box Tops for Education money that PEP shares with us to fund the remaining $1.50. So keep collecting those Box Tops!

What can I reinforce at home?

Reading: Discussing cause and effect in a story. Sequence a story from beginning, middle, and end.

Don’t forget that students have vocabulary cards in their pencil pouches in their PAWS
folders. Please practice these often. Have them use the word in a sentence or even
have them write the word forming a complete sentence. Students will be tested over Unit 2 vocabulary at the end of the week!

Discussing the relationship between addition and subtraction. (3 + 4=7 and 7-3=4)
Students are asked to draw a simple picture of the problem, provide the number bond, and generate an addition and subtraction math sentence. ASK your child if they can make a fact family out of the numbers 6, 3 and 9.

Pathways: spotting the vowel in words and making the vowel sound. We have been working hard at spelling words with the -ng sound.
Handwriting: Working on the formation of numbers 1-9 and lowercase letters u, i and e.

Upcoming Events

December 15: 1st Grade Music Concert @ 7:00 Be here at 6:30
December 16: Class Bowling Party: Send your shoe size and money ASAP
December 18: End of 2nd Quarter
December 18: Class Holiday Party: Room Parents are Julie Browne (Jaylee), Ashley Gordon (Brooklyn) and Tasha Jorgenson (Rylan)
December 21-January 5 No School: Holiday Break
January 5: Classes Resume
January 18: No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day