Become a Fan Club Member!

Follow your students on Artsonia

This year in art, we have joined Artsonia, the largest student art museum in the world! Students are using iPads to upload finished artwork to their own personal gallery.

Artsonia has made it very easy for you to become a fan of your students' artwork.

Below, are the directions to sign-up and in your box you will find printed rosters for your grade level.

Oh, if you are a non-classroom teacher you too will find rosters in your box as well!

Thanks so much for supporting our students!

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your students name+the number code
  3. Click on the Join Fan Club button
  4. Type in your name - If you want your name to show up on the website as "Mrs Yeager", please enter that entirely in the first name field.
  5. Click on the Drop-down arrow to choose your relationship to your student and
  6. Enter your school e-mail!

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Now that was easy!

Thanks for supporting our students in their fine art endeavors!