World Civ II

Spring 2015 Online


I am so excited about the opportunity to be your “tour guide” as we explore the history and culture of the world's major civilizations from c. 1500 to the present. "World History" is a relatively new field, and thus there is much exciting work that has been done in recent years to broaden the scope of historical study.

The types of global connections and relationships that we will examine are increasingly part of our lives today. What this course demonstrates is that such connections go far back in the human past. Studying history in this larger context allows us to appreciate and understand our current world and its complexities more carefully.

I’m confident that you will grow in your knowledge and appreciation of the world God has made over the 7 weeks we’ll be together!

Please begin by downloading and carefully reading our travel itinerary (aka the Course Syllabus). Next, stop by the Introductions forum and write something about yourself so we can all get to know our traveling companions on this journey. Also be sure to upload a photo (headshot) of yourself into your Moodle Profile so we can recognize each other. This is a requirement for all Jessup Online students.

When you've completed these steps, you'll be ready to go!

Bon voyage!

Kathryn Moga