Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 18 4/18/2015

Classroom of the Week: Mrs. Emily Desherlia's Second Grade Class of Authors

Second grade students in Mrs. Desherlia’s class just authored their second book of the year. The books have been sent away and will be bound with a hardcover (through Student Treasures/Scholastic).

First, the students had a discussion of what topic they wanted to write on. Once the boys and girls each agreed on a topic they started writing their own pages in Google Drive. The boys wrote the ABCs of Being Active with a Meet the Authors section and the girls wrote the ABCs of Summer with a Meet the Authors section. The students drew illustrations which will be in color in the books. They worked for about two weeks typing two story pages plus their All About Me page in Google Documents.

Mrs. Desherlia and her students love using Google Drive. The students have used Google Drive to create many presentations this year. Mrs. Desherlia said, “The days of floppy disks, jump drives, saving to a computer and having to go back to that same computer to finish, emailing documents to myself, etc. are OVER!” The students were all eager and excited to work on their projects even at home. They thought it was very cool to share their documents with their teacher from home and write her a message like, “Hope you like it!” Several parents and even a grandparent contacted Mrs. Desherlia because they have been so impressed with what their children can do on the computer. The published books should arrive in May!