Manage Your Digital Reputation

What type of reputation are you building up?

Search Yourself

To begin managing your online reputation start with looking up what there already is online about you. Knowing what you may have online about yourself is key to watch your online reputation. From there you will know what to improve and how to make reputation better online.

Watch what you say or post

Never post a picture or say something that is inappropriate on public social media. One post could ruin your digital reputation. Your friends are not the only people who will be viewing your social media pages. Colleges and future jobs will be looking at these pages too, to see if you are truly a good applicant. Before you post anything always be aware of who may see it.


Privacy is a good thing to know about when managing your digital reputation. Always know who is going to see your next post or who could possibly comment on your next post. You should keep your private social media between you and your friends, in life and on the internet it is quality over quantity. To make an account private there is simply a button you need to click in settings.

Put your achievements & interests online

To improve your online reputation post things about what you may excel in. There are social media sites for picture, writing, videos, etc, you can use whatever will show your skills off best. Using a separate site to show your proffesional side is a good and simple idea to improve your reputation.