I don't bite!!!!!!!!!!

But Plasmodium do!!!!

What's Plasmodium?

It's pretty much the carrier of malaria. It is commonly found in poor countries like Africa. It feeds mostly on humans invading there bloodstream.

How does it reproduce? What are some of its host? Special adaptations?

They alternate the pattern of sexual and asexual reproduction.

Bats, porcupines, and squirrels are some of its main host besides humans.

It's difficult to find an vaccine to prevention the disease that is cause by this parasite.

What does it look like????


Other interesting things about plasmodium.

The size of a plasmodium is 500 kilobases to 3.5 megabases. The disease malaria was first found in Algeria on November 6, 1880. In 1894 Patrick Manson discovered that this parasite transmit the malaria. Some birds in Russia got discovered for having malaria in 1885.