Mrs.Davis' Gifted Resource Class

Where Great Minds Don't Think Alike!

New Policy to Gifted Please read carefully.

There is now an attendance policy for GRC. If your child is not here the day of gifted he/she is marked unexcused absence until a note comes to me. After 10 absences (just like the regular class) the student is flagged for exceeding the DCPS Absentee Policy. It is imperative that you communicate the absence to me if possible before hand. Many times a student stays behind in the regular education class for some reason. I need that information, please.

General Information for all grades.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Breakfast is NOT served at GRC. Please make sure you have your child at school in plenty of time to receive a breakfast prior to getting on his/her bus to GRC. They may bring the breakfast with them.

Contact Information

IF you need to contact me in an emergency while your child is here at Don Brewer, please call the MAIN OFFICE @ 745-4990. All calls left on my voice mail will be answered after 2:30 of that day.

Bus Numbers

GRC Hours 8:30-2:30 / Early Release Days 8:30-1:30

Merrill Road and Lone Star #165

Ft.Caroline, Arlington Elementary, and Arlington Heights #738

Parkwood Heights #598

Lake Lucina #121

Grade K and 1 Friday

Sept. 25

We began our trip to the Rainforest this week. We are traveling by canoe down the Amazon in South America as we learn about the many different animals and plants that are located in the Rainforest.

Please send in field trip money.

Grade 2 MONDAY

Sept. 21

Today we worked on many different activities. We are doing a fluency thinking activity each week called "Take Aways." The student has to cut away parts of a shape based on a clue description. If done properly one shape will be left. They are getting quicker as the weeks past.

Please send in field trip money.

Grade 3 Wednesday

Sept. 23 Early Release

Short days always come to soon! Today we graphed coordinate points in an activity called Graphiti. All students have now been signed up for They are competing with each other in small chess clubs as we learn the game of chess.

We will began a research unit next week. Titled Monumental Research. Look for ifo to come home in GRC folder.

Grade 4 Thursday

Sept. 24

We began our Research project. All students now have a topic of research. The topic is a Natural Disaster. They have a research partner from the other gifted class that is working on the same topic. Today we learned how to scan references and locate cross references.

We began the unit with Sinkholes. We learned how they form, where they are located, and if they can be prevented. Every student made a simulation of a sinkhole. We used sugar cubes/limestone, graham cracker/clay soil, and sand for Florida sandy soil. We poured water/rain on top and observed for ten minutes. We tested two hypothesis.

**** Please****Students will need 3x5 index cards and a file box to keep them in. See picture below.

Field Trip permission slip sent home today. We are going to MOSH to see a traveling exhibit called Nature Unleashed. Trip is Oct. 15.

Big image

Grade 5 Tuesday

Sept. 22

We brainstormed science topics and possible experiments. We viewed a science experiment on Glowing Water. As a class we came up with a testable question for the experiment. Each team viewed the experiment and was responsible for writing up one part of the scientific method. They then presented it to the class. This gave the class an idea of the process they will be going through as we proceed with the Science Fair.