Ancient China Gender Roles

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Gender Roles in Ancient

Men and Women gender roles in ancient China have changed over time. Education has played a part in changing roles. Roles in ancient China also impacted the type of dress for each gender. While gender roles have shifted and changed over time, some gender roles still remain constant.Today women are trait like equals with men, and also women can do anything they want to do like travel around the world. For many years gender roles have shifted over time.

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Women in Ancient China

Women:Traditional Chinese society has been male-centered. Sons were preferred to daughters, and women were expected to be subordinate to fathers, husbands, and sons.
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Men in Ancient China

In Ancient China Men were the leader of the house hold, when men became they married they had completed control of their wife.The wife was expected to have a male offspring to carry on the family name.

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Waving silk

Women in Ancient China weaved silk which is made up of silk worm eggs.They used the silk to make cloths and sell the silk at the market.
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Children Helped to

Sometimes children used to help their mom weave silk.
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Men helping women

Men also helped women weave the silk so the ladies could make the weave faster.
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