Victry's Wonderful Delights

We sell cakes,candies,chocolates and cupcakes

We will provide our services for parties, weddings, schools, graduations, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!!!!! WE EVEN CATER!!!!!

Sole Proprietorship

I decided that I wanted to have complete control over my business, which is why I wanted to be the sole proprietor. The advantages of owning your own business is that you set the pace of store, you set the hours , you pick the products, and you decide what is the best thing for you.

Conquering our Disadvantages

One of the disadvantages we will have to overcome as a business is….Sugar. People have it in their heads that any amount of sugar is bad, and it’s really bad for their health. So we've made a whole entire menu of just sugar-free treats so we can reach a larger amount of customers. Our goal is to overcome our problems by listening to what the people want, and trying to make the experience comfortable for everyone that visits Victry's Wonderful Delights.


To make good working environment for my employees I would have a labor union, it would be open shop. So then there would be one person to represent the workers as a whole and represent the business. It would fair and even opportunity for everyone.


Our business is a very big supporter of recycling, every wrapper we use on our treats are 70% recycled products. We also have recycling bins in all our establishments. We try to get our community involved so three times a year we have a recycling drive. It’s where we invite all the citizens of the community to bring anything they want to recycle to any of our establishments and we’ll do it for them. Victry’s Wonderful Delights even has a van that goes around and asks people for any trash or anything they would like to donate to recycle.