Sea Bridge

Yellow Table



pipe cleaners

spiral from a notebook

play dough



Material Justification

The Why

We used the cardboard for supports, a ramp, and for the car to drive on. We used tape to connect everything together. We used pipe cleaners and the spiral for decoration. The play dough was used to hold the ramp together. The pencil was used to hold up the decorations.

Improvements for the Future

If we did it again, we would make less decorations. Having to use the pencil to hold up some of the decorations was hard. We could not really tape the pencil to the cardboard, so it kept falling. We also would put a ramp on the other side. We had only built one ramp and the cars would have to fall of the bridge to get off. There would be serious injuries to drivers without an off ramp. If we had more cardboard we could have made a support under the bridge in the middle. The extra support would make it hold better. If a monster truck or a large car went on the bridge as it is now, the bridge might collapse.

Our Group

Andrew David Nielsen

Collin Benjamin Merritt

Dilpreet Kaur Kainth Kaur

Sydney Lynn Breinholt