Hitler Youth Chapter 6

By: Alicia W.

Chapter 6 Summary

Monday, September 5th, 1938 was the day that the 10th annual National Socialist Party Congress. It was the largest NSCP that year with 700,000 loyal Nazis. During the parade The German Military was showing off guns, naval mine throwers and many more weapons. After the big parade Hitler stepped up and spoke, he had told the young boys and girls that they were Germany's precious guarantee for the great future, that they would someday lead the country. Then he had shouted "You, my youth, never forget that one day you will rule the world." Then the kids were "belonged to Adolf Hitler, body and soul."

A couple weeks after they started war because the SS dressed in Polish Uniforms and launched a fake attack on the German radio station. Germans took it as a threat so they decided to have war with Poland. But one week before they had attacked Hitler and Stalin (Polish officer) decided not to attack each other, but they eventually did.

Every kid that was at the ceremony is still to this day belonged to Hitler body and soul.


Propaganda- The deliberate spreading of such information, rumors etc.

Censor- Any person who supervises the manners or morality of others.

Ghettos- A section inhabited by Jews.

Ally- To associate or connect by some mutual respect.