Newsletter Week Seven Term Three

St Claudine Thevenet 9 September 2022

A message from the Acting Principal

Kia ora Whanau,

I hope all is well with you and your whanau as we move towards the last part of Term 3.

As you are probably aware, Mrs John is due to go on maternity leave. This is a very special time for Mrs John’s whanau and we wish her well with the arrival of her new baby. As Mrs John is a member of our school community we will still enjoy catching up with her but in a slightly different capacity. From Monday 12th September, Mrs Wendy Wilson will be taking over the teaching of Rimu Toru. The students in Rimu Toru have had the opportunity to work with Mrs Wilson many times and she has developed very good relationships with them. I am sure this will be a successful transition for everyone.

A focus for our learning this week has been on Social Justice.


The students have been learning about the importance of respect, human dignity, acceptance and aroha. A focus has been on understanding that as part of God’s family and one in Christ, it is important to respect each other and treat one another as a treasure with gifts to share. Our students are learning about how Jesus Christ is the best role model to follow and they have been exploring how they can follow his example and bring love and peace through the words and actions they choose. An important part of this learning has been to understand about how to be an upstander (someone who stands up for others) and help to bring justice when others may be vulnerable and treated unfairly.

Just a reminder, we ask that no shared food is brought into school to hand out in classrooms eg birthday cake, treats etc. The reasons for this are that we are not allowing food to be shared following recommendations relating to Covid and also it puts pressure on people to provide food for students which is not always possible for families. Another reason for this request is that we have a number of students with allergies who cannot have certain food products, so we are unable to keep them safe as we do not know what is in the food items.

A reminder, Friday 16th September we have a Teacher Only Day. This is a professional development day for staff so they will not be available to supervise students.

This week it is Rimu Hub’s responsibility to share their learning in the newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about all of the amazing learning they have been working on.

Ngā mihi,

Sandra Page

Acting Principal

Traffic Delays

Thanks & well done to all the parents that have turned recent traffic delays into an adventure, walking, biking or scootering to school when the traffic has been at a stand-still. If you are going to be late anyway, you may as well enjoy the ride!

Teacher only day

Next Friday 16th September is a Teacher only day. Staff will be involved in a Professional Learning day so will be unavailable to supervise students.


For weeks 7 and 8 of this term our faith focus with students is based around the

theme of “Connected.” From a Catholic Social Teaching perspective, being

connected is about bringing Christ’s healing message to a world that sorely needs it.

Our students come to understand this through the exploration of important topics,

such as: God’s Creation and Stewardship. The Dignity of Human Life. Solidarity,

Race and Responsibilities. Poverty and the Dignity of Work. Family as The

Foundation of Society.

We also want our students to understand that a key part of this is learning to connect

with yourself. Learning to love and understand yourself as an imperfect (yet

wonderful!) child of God. Contemplate your strengths and weaknesses, your

thoughts and emotions, your dreams and goals. Learning to identify and fulfil your

physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. Experiencing belonging,

acceptance, and love with your families, friends, and neighbours while giving them

the same in return. Learning to better serve God as you become a better you,

thereby increasing the sense of purpose in your life and increasing your sense of

wellbeing and happiness.

Connection with God is vital to our sense of meaning in this life. When we build a

relationship with God, we better understand the plan He has for us. As we seek to do

His will and follow that plan, we find greater direction and purpose. We find

happiness as we obey God’s commandments and feel that He is pleased with our

choices. The most direct way to connect with God is to converse with Him through

prayer. If we pray in faith and listen to the Spirit carry His answers to our hearts, we

will find ourselves fully involved in a two-way conversation.

Mrs Wilson (DRS)

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Photo Proofs

School Photo proofs were sent home with students on Thursday/Friday. Please order via instructions online by 2 October using your order code.

Rimu Hub Newsletter September 2022

This term our Rimu Hub students have been working hard putting their wonder skills hard to work as they come up with ideas for their connected projects. They have shown great curiosity and a high level of interest as they have explored and learnt about great engineering feats by engineers and inventors of the past. They are now developing a deeper sense of openness and connection as they explore their own creative ideas and dreams of how they can become the next great engineers and inventors of the future. As we head towards the end of the term they will take time to share their creativity with their peers and celebrate their terms work and achievements.

Structured Literacy

Our Rimu Whanau have been busy working on our phonological awareness and strengthening our vocabulary. We have been using our sound knowledge to help us with our writing by improving the structure of our sentences and showing greater accuracy in our attempts to spell words using the new knowledge we have. Our tamariki understand that different vowel combinations can make the same sounds and have been learning how to recognise and identify the correct vowels in words with greater accuracy.


This term we started off our PE by using our dancing feet and by letting our minds and bodies move to the beat of the music. Rimu tamariki have enjoyed learning new steps to just dance videos and have also explored dancing to various cultural songs from around the world. In PE we have been practicing our rippa rugby skills. Rimu whanau have been throwing, catching and kicking the ball, as well as scoring tries. Many children play rippa rugby outside of school and have enjoyed sharing their knowledge with others.


Rimu tamariki began our term by learning about Fractions, how to add fractions and recognise equivalent fractions. They worked hard on this and made great improvement beyond halves and quarters. They have also been learning about measurement. We have had fun measuring things in our classroom and some Rimu Tahi students used their knowledge of meters to draw a pirate ship with chalk! Many of us have been busy measuring, weighing and estimating. Rimu tamariki have also been applying their knowledge of skip counting to counting money. We are working on identifying New Zealand notes and coins and adding totals.


Rimu whanau began the term by looking at the Holy Trinity and worked on developing their understanding of how each aspect, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are all individual parts of the one God and how they all work together in our lives to help us be the best person we can be. They also learnt about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and about their own special God given Gifts and Talents. They work hard every day to let their uniqueness and individuality shine.

Farewell for now Mrs John

The Rimu Toru students, and all of Rimu Hub would like to say a very big thank you to Mrs John for her dedication and hard work throughout the year. We wish her all the best for the arrival of her baby. We look forward to seeing her again and meeting her little girl when she comes to visit us. We will miss you very much. God bless you Mrs John.

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Love Tennis Open Day at Wainuiomata Tennis Club – Sunday 11 September

The Wainuiomata Tennis Club is opening their club on Sunday 11 September from 11am- 4pm, and are serving up a fun, FREE event for people of all ages.

The event is for anyone, who would like to try out - or get back into - tennis.

Drop down anytime between 11am – 4pm to give tennis a go! We’ll have fun games on court, BBQ (gold coin donation to a local charity) and spot prizes! Bring yourself or bring your family and find out all there is to love about tennis!

Junior registration will be open for the 2022/2023 season.

For more information, contact us

Wainuiomata Tennis Club, 141 Main Road, Wainuiomata


We are celebrating the opening of our new playgroup space & invite you all to come and check it out on our Community Open Day!

Awhi mai awhi atu playgroup has been supporting families in Wainuiomata for a long time & we finally have our forever home, 150 Main Road (opposite Wainuiomata Primary School).

Open day details: 17 September from 10am to 1pm

Playgroup will be open 4 days a week Tuesday - Friday 9.30am - 12.30pm from the 20th September for tamariki under 6. Everyone welcome

Thank you for your support





Nut Allergies

We have a range of students (particularly juniors) who have allergies to all nuts and nut products including nutella. We ask that you do not send these to school with your child/children. These can be kept at home for afternoon tea. Thank you for keeping our tamariki safe.

Sacramental Programme

Due to the rising number of covid cases, the Parish have decided to postpone the sacramental programme until 2023. Lookout for information regarding this during term one of next year.

Term dates 2022

Term One - Wednesday 2 February- Thursday 14 April 2.40pm

Term Two- Monday 2 May- Friday 8 July 2.40pm

Term Three- Monday 25 July- Friday 30 September 2.40pm

Friday 16 September TEACHER ONLY DAY- PLD

Term Four- Monday 17 October- Thursday 15 December 12.30pm