Ayanna Collins Period 2 5/16

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Pandas live in forests with a lot of bamboo and they also live in the mountains of china,(Sirs discover) also they often live in Care home type places where people take care of them instead of letting them fend for themselves. There is way more! In the forests they live in there are White clouds the normal daily clouds, and then sometimes there are the Dark clouds that are some what thunderous (Sirs Discover). Not a lot but there is MORE! The bamboo they eat gives them a lot of energy and also Kinda motivates them Because they have to climb up tall trees to get the Bamboo they want and NEED.


Pandas are not safe where they are living. Why? Because in the year of 2008 a big earthquake hit china ( Sirs Discover). Earthquakes move the grounds and make things that arent supposed to be there,there (SIRS Discover)! Example Rocks and mud and stuff fall down on the mountains (where the pandas live) And when the pandas home/habitat gets covered in rocks and mud and other stuff not supposed to be there then they have to move to a new habitat. ( SIRS Discover)
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Body covering

The Pandas oblivious have fur to cover their body and they have fat to cover them also to make them warm ( Sirs Discover)


Pandas are The worlds most Fascinating vegetarians in the world.

Their Digestive systems are mad to process meat, but they eat bamboo all day! ( World Book online)


Panda reproduction was brought up as "re-introducing" pandas as bred and in a zoo wildlife! But Scientists thought that it was " inappropriate to re-introduce pandas in the wild life." ( World book online)


Pandas Adapt to their environment thanks to their 6th toe they use to eat bamboo and climb trees and they can eat bamboo more efficiently. they use their strong Jaws and head to eat bamboo the way they want. ( sirs discover)
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Other Info

Other info about Pandas is that they Live in almost every part of china . ( Sirs Discover)

Also that they live in china and Asia. ( world book)

They Are endangered. (world book Online)

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