Maximilien Robespierre


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Maximilien was a bright student, so much so he was chosen to write a speech for King Louis the XVI.

A time jump later, and he was a criminal judge, but retired due to his issue with the death penalty.

He was inspired by the works of Jean-Jacque Rousseau, and believed along with him that human are naturally good and kind.

He also was an advocate for Third Estate rights, and defended them ruthlessly.

The Jacobins Club

He became involved in the Jacobins Club. He soon became the president.

After strongly opposing the war against Austria, he demanded an overthrow of the Monarchy. He spoke frequently against the king and his beliefs.

In 1793 Robespierre got his wish, as King Louis was executed at the guillotine after being found guilty of conspiracy and attacks on public safety

There was a time of panic after the execution, so the Jacobins took control and had their other political opponents arrested.

Fun Fact: Some conspirers believe that the Jacobins Club was formed by the Illuminati.

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The Committee of Public Safety

The Committee of Public Safety was controlled by the Jacobins Club. And the Jacobins Club was controlled by Robespierre. This made Robespierre effectively the dictator of France.

This began the Reign of Terror, in which Robespierre chopped off the heads of any opposing party. There were around 20,000 executions, including Louis' wife, Marie Antoinette. There was about 25,000 death from firing squads...AND 10,00 deaths from massacres across France.

Robespierre then establishes the Cult of the Supreme Being, based on the works of his hero Jean-Jacque Rousseau. It was made into an official religion

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Robespierre's Downfall

The breaking point for France was the executions that were carried without trail. They just then began to question how he was ruling.

He was executed without trail in 1794.

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He quit being a criminal judge due to his disgust with the death penalty, but later in life killed a ton of people.

The believed all were good and kind, but destroyed anything that stood in his way.

Hated King Louis for being a terrible dictator, but he was a terrible dictator.

He killed the most people by the guillotine, and was executed by the guillotine.

Along with that, he killed without tried, and was killed without a trail.