Silvia's Struggle to Safety

by Breanna Montoya

By Breanna Montoya

Silvia is a young mother that has been put into heart breaking situations.Her daughter becomes sick at a very young age.She refuses to eat and her skin color is a pale yellow .HEr bones become apparent due to how small she is.This draws the negative attention from her teachers.Silvia is accused of child neglect and child services is called her home.However , nothing is seen to be wrong.Silvia is referred to more doctors.Nobody knows exactly what is causing her to be weak and fragile.Silvia and her boyfriend,Gilfredo, have gone to multiple doctors in hopes that someone can help them.This is until they do a series of research and tests.Soon it is seen that April has developed a tumor on her abdomen .This is causing her to have fatigue and loss to little appetite.If not removed in time then this would make her health decline and be fatale.Siliva is worried at the worst time as she in currently pregnant.She is set to be in labor at the same time as her daughter's surgery.However they have been fortunate enough to have it removed in time.This is not the end though because more is to come.April's biological father,Joseph, is now claiming that she had been kidnapped by her mother and her boyfriend.He issues an amber alert and calls or the attention of John Walsh,the founder of Missing and Exploited Children.Police along with him go looking for April and her parents.This causes child services to come again and have her taken away.Silvia is pregnant and is being accused of child abduction from her ex husband.This causes an emergency trial where Silvia is forced to fight for a daughter that she had raised alone until meeting Gilfredo.The court must hear from both sides and Joseph is throwing out lies.He had never wanted anything to do with April until now.The court's judge decides that April is best fit to stay with the parents that have raised her.After several months of worry ,Silvia and Gilfredo decide to leave the state in hopes of a new start.They move to Georgia where a new home is built . Joseph no longer attempts to reach out .April lives a normal life with her mother and as Gilfredo,becomes her father.
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