An Effective Recommendation

Using Five Characteristics

Writing a recommendation requires reviewing the instructors course, referencing the QM rubric, and then coming up with a positive, concise, diplomatic and quantifiable response. Below are 5 characteristics that should be addressed to create an effective comment.

1- Make It Constructive

To be constructive in your recommendation you should offer solutions to any problems you may have identified.

2- Be Specific

To be specific you should always include a thorough example of what is being suggested so the instructor clearly understands what is being recommended.

3- Make It Measurable

Suggest a way that the incorporated change would be easily incorporated by the instructor and thus when the change is made the reviewer can easily assess it as well.

4- Be Sensitive

Any recommendations should be based on improving the course. Therefore be upbeat and positive with your comments so the faculty instructor will understand you are trying to offer help.

5- Make It Balanced

Stressing the positive aspects of the course or topic along with the recommendation for change will yield a better response that leads to implementation of change.
Addressing these 5 characteristics and building them into your recommendations to faculty instructors will encourage change that will ultimately lead to an improvement in the course.