TJ'S Job Shadow:

Tahjai Gorham

Business Description:

I did my shadow with Mr.Hasan a project manager at Highwoods Properties. Highwoods is driven by a culture that honors integrity, fosters hard work,rewards creativity, and builds team spirit. They help build the community and companies that are used all around Raleigh NC. (land,offices,retail,and industrial businesses)

Employee Description: Mr.Hasan

A project manager is someone who is responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives. The type of projects that have to be completed are relocating businesses and developing new properties. There are many types of companies built under highwoods such as One bank of America Plaza on Fayetteville street in Raleigh NC. A project manager has to make sure all wants/needs of the company that is buying or leasing the land are in place.
What did you enjoy about the shadowing experience?

- My favorite part of the entire job shadow was seeing the different types of views each buildings had.

What did you learn from the job shadowing experience?

- I learned that the process of getting a project done can take months and it requires over 100,00 dollars.

Would you consider this a career possibly for you? Why or why not ?

- No I wouldn't consider it because I've already made up my mind about what I want to do in life but if what I want to do works out I still don't think I would be able to do this job because its very time consuming and you are on call 24/7.

What is one question you asked the person you job shadowed?

- I asked Mr.Hasan what was the best part about his entire job.

What was the employees answer to your question?

- He told me the best part about his job was that he is his own manager. He doesn't have to clock in and out and people don't ask him where he is all the time.

If you had the experience to do over again what would you do differently and why?

- I honestly wouldn't do anything different, we moved at a fast pace the entire day and I learned exactly how hard the job really is.

Mr.Royce fixing power lines and putting trees down for the company building
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