By Cole Bensen

Facts about Poland


Main religion:Roman Catholic

Population:over 38,720,398

Language:Polish, German, and Ukrainian

Clothing, homes, & facts (Schools)

The homes in Poland are very colourful. Most are very large like mansion, but others are very small like a little cottage. Most girls in Poland where colourful dresses, most men where clothing like the pioneers used to where but more colourful.Some interesting facts about Poland are Poland was founded in 966 by Mieszko,

Foods, jobs, and manufacturing (History)

Some foods eaten and grown in Poland are, Cheese cake, Veel meat balls with dill, Noodles with poppy seeds, Dried fruit compote. Mushroom barley soup, Roasted geese and ducks, Fancy pickles, Polish rye bread, cheese, All sorts of fruit. some jobs in Poland are mostly internet jobs like policy manager for things like Facebook and Twitter, and there's the account manager who arranges all the accounts in Poland.
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Poland - an amazing and beautiful dream


Poland A troubled past, A new start By: Eleanor H. Ayer