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Distance Learning Announcements and Updates: Week 4

A Message from Principal Ghereben


Dear Proctor Community,

Recently, Superintendent Ahmadi shared the process in how Castro Valley Unified has built its Grading Policies for the remainder of this school year based on guidance from the California Department of Education (CDE), the State Superintendent of Education’s Office and the California State Board of Education. This guidance clearly states that staff will “ensure that grading policies hold students harmless for their spring grades and transition to distance learning.” This policy was developed with an equity framework, and with the primary goal of first, doing no harm to ALL students

Here at Proctor, elementary grades, students’ report cards for the trimester will include marks reflecting their efforts and comments focused on what students have worked on, how they are doing, and any areas of improvement, and suggestions for what to work on during the summer.

With regards to 5th promotion, we know that students and families look forward to moving from one grade level to the next. Although this will need to be done differently than from previous years, we want to ensure that students’ promotions to the next level are celebrated in the best way possible. We will update you as soon as we continue to plan and have a chance to consider options before us. These are the basics of how we are going to move forward, as there are many details to still figure out.

I know that it may be difficult to see or feel, but there is a hidden gift in all of this madness! The importance of connection to family, and loved ones, appreciating what we have (even the simple things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer), to having our health. As hard as it may be, students need to press on and continue learning the skills and concepts being taught which will build upon each other while engaging in Distance Learning.

These will be challenging weeks ahead, but by working together, we can make the best of this difficult season. While our teachers and staff will be leading the way, we know you will be encouraging, supporting and teaching your child side-by-side with us. You are and continue to be your child’s first and most important teacher.

Thank you for partnering with us at this time. Our shared children are counting on us!

We will see you all after Spring Break!

Make sure to Rest, Be Safe, and Stay Healthy!

Heather Ghereben

Proctor Principal

Proctor Virtual Assembly, April 10, 2020

Proctor Virtual Assembly April Copy

Keep your children social, but set rules around their online and social media interactions!

There’s always excitement and uncertainty when there is a significant change to a routine, like having school closed and now learning through multiple online Distance Learning platforms. We know there was initial excitement of seeing students, classmates, and teachers through Google Meet or Zoom, but now we need your support and assistance to monitor your children’s online behavior, and social media use, especially during this extended school closure. We know that our older students will rely more on social media to communicate with friends. Social media apps such as SnapChat, Tik Tok, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook are not official, school sanctioned channels of communication. Proctor teachers and staff ask that you monitor your children’s use and chats on social media, and remind them to be polite, respectful, and appropriate especially in their communications during instructional time, and while working collaboratively in small groups. Please do not allow your children to use the Google Meet or chat feature for their social interactions. This for instructional purposes only during our time in Distance Learning.

A student’s written words and tone can sometimes offend or cause harm to others, so just a friendly reminder for students to be kind, and respectful, always showing Proctor Pride!

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Virtual Battle of the Books Announcements by Kathy Cook!

Virtual Battle of the Books
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