By: Seth Stelzer

Typing Web

  • Typing Web helped me start typing faster and get used to the keys on the keyboard.
  • I hope that typing will help me in my future.
  • The requirement for the first semester was the intermediate course.
  • I think that you should try this if you think that you could use some help on your typing!


  • iTrailer was a good app for presentations if you wanted to do a video.
  • The cool thing about iTrailer is that you can also add photos.
  • I learned how easy it was to edit videos and make them shorter so that it would fit in the trailer.

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck was a good presentation program for presenting something.
  • Another cool thing about it is that you could put text on a photo where ever you wanted to!
  • I learned that with Haiku Deck that you could have as many slides as you wanted!

Explain Everything

  • Explain Everything helped me with explaining something that is hard to hard to write about.
  • While you are recording you can also type or write!
  • If you are a visual learner I think that you should try this!!!

Career Locker

  • Career Locker was a good job and college searching site.
  • It would give you a lot more information about the college or job better than the internet.
  • Career Locker helped me out a lot because now I know more about my dream job and where I want to go to college for that job.


  • Coding taught me more about computers.
  • It would teach you about certain coding lines and the order that you needed to make it.
  • It would teach you to use the least number of coding lines.
  • I think that is you are new to computers that you should come try this!!!