By: Vanessa Ketelhut

History of Santeria!

Santeria is a system of beliefs that includes Roman Catholicism and Yoruba Religion.

It also includes Amerindian Traditions.

Santeria is a religion where it involves Africans talking to their ancestors and deities.

This religion also believes in animal sacrifice and sacred drumming and dances.

Santeria was originated in Cuba and to this day many Cubans still practice this religion.

Santeria means "The Worship Of Saints"

The People Who Believe In Santeria!

The first ritual is known as the acquisition of the beaded necklaces.

This religion has many different rituals.

People that practice the religion known as Santeria are assigned to Orishas.

Orishas are Catholic Saints.

Orishas cover every aspect of nature and human behavior.

They control those behaviors.

Orishas are endowed with certain powers or spheres of influence.

The Systems of Divination!

Divination is the system where you can for tell the future. This system has 4 other important divination systems. Obi- Darle Coco Al Santo. This means to give a coconut to the saint. This system is the most basic form of divination. Diloggun- Los Caracoles. This means seashells. This divination is the most precise method. Okuele- Is reserved for the babalawo. Its a chain made up of 8 coins made from coconut shells. The Table of Ifa- This is the highest system in all Santeria and also is reserved only for the babalawo. Orunla owns the Table of Ifa and is the patron for the babalawos. This system is only used during initiation ceremonies at the death of a babalawo.

The Saints

Obatala- The Lady of Mercy. His color is white. His feast day is September 24th. His number is 8. And his week day is Thursday. He has 24 different Caminos.

Elleggua- St. Anthony of Padua. His feast day is June 13th. His colors are red and black. His numbers are 3 and 21. And his day of the week is Monday. He has 101 different Caminos.

Chango- St. Barbara. His feast day is December 4th. His colors are red and white. His numbers are 4 and 6. Friday and the 4th of the month are his days. He has 14 different Caminos.

Oggun- St. Peter. His feast day is June 29th. His colors are green and black. His days of the week are Tuesday and Wednesdays and the 4th of the month. He has 9 Caminos.

There are way more saints, but its way too many to write. As you can see each saint has colors. Their own eek days. Their own celebration name and day. They all have a certain number of Caminos.

Santeria What do you know about it? Part 1